"...It was a truly memorable evening. The audience was very moved by the music, judging by their enthusiastic response to his performance. Three encores! The passion in your playing was thrilling and contagious. Their concert was the most successful public event we have planned to complement the Art exhibition of Post-Revolutionary México in the Dallas Museum of Art's..."

Cheryl Hartup
Dallas Museum of Arts, Texas, USA

"... It is therefore with great joy that I inform you that the performance of you has left a taste of charm here in New Mexico... I often meet people here and there that talk about the magnificent performance of you and they want to hear the other time and soon.."

Willy Sucre
Violist, Artistic Director The Placitas Artists Series, guest conductor of Chamber Orchestra in Albuquerque, N.M. USA

"... This musical ensemble includes in its repertoire music of Jalisco which has been adapted for String Quartet. Hence they are ambassadors of the State of Jalisco and its traditions ..."

Dr. G. Schmidhuber de la Mora
Secretary of Culture, State of Jalisco, México

"... The teachers Latsanich, Nubert, Kassian and Becerra have left an indelible mark on the public of Baja California, confirming the high quality of the institution to which they belong, and which we are proud to have had between us ..."

Moncada Blanca García
Director of the Schiller Institute, Mexicali, State of Baja California, México

"... Sent to all you cordial greetings from Germany, I love your music - it is an excellent Mexican jewel. I have had the opportunity to attend one of his concerts in the city of München. I’m interested in his discography. Congratulations for your beautiful work ..."

Ana Neumann
München, Germany

"... I just receive your package with the 4 CDS Quartet. And I'm listening and music still as beautiful as I remembered. I have no words to express what I feel and how grateful I am ..."

Mark Peabody
Morenci, Arizona, USA

"... Dear Aires de Mexico Group, I would like to thank you for donating your time playing music at Griffith Middle School. Our students are very grateful to have had the pleasure of hearing your music. Thank you for your time and effort. ..."

Raúl P. Salcido
Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District, USA

"... Regards, I heard one of the interpretations in the radio of here of the city of Maracaibo and remain delighted, then search in Internet and I obtained the air information of Mexico ..."

Luis Rivera
Maracaibo, Venezuela

"... Iouri, I want to thank you for the disc, have enjoyed it since you do not imagine. As I said to them last Saturday, the form that they have of interpreting the melodies, it is so special that they transport to one to another dimension with his music. Thank you, thank you very much ..."

Rosario Alcantar
Dallas, Texas, USA

"... Let me give you a strong BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO for the presentation of the concert in the Auditorium of Ajijic. I left me very impressed with his interpretations of Mexican music. After the concert, I had the pleasure of buying 4 of their CDS that are extraordinary and enjoyable recordings. My wife and I we do not tire of listening to your music…Congratulations and that Viva la Música! ..."

Jon Esquivel
Musician and teacher of music, San Antonio, Texas, USA

"... SPECIAL, I have no words to describe the drive you, the cover, the inside of the disc and label it are beautiful and very attractive message. The booklet that talks about the experience of our very real and transcendent father, the pictures are extraordinary and very well used and the interpretation of EXCELLENT QUALITY YOU AND EXPERT PROFESSIONALS FROM EUROPE, GIVING THE MUSIC OF OUR FATHER A QUALITY IS HARD TO RECOGNIZE AT HOME. ONLY SO GREAT WITH PEOPLE OF STUDIES AND MUSIC SENSITIVITY TO BE SEEN IN VIEW OF MANY MUSICIANS MEXICAN is difficult to interpret… Sinseramente thank you to infinity they have chosen music teacher Cortes to immortalize it ..."

José Rodolfo Cortes Fernández (son of the composer Gori Cortes)

"... I am writing on behalf of the Mexican Cultural Center of Dallas to thank you again for coming to present to the Assembly Classical string quartet. As you could see, they had great success. We have received several letters from people who attended and we congratulate you for filing such a great group and also grateful that the inclusion of Mexican music. I did not want to let more time go by to thank and congratulate once more for its high artistic quality and we hope to invite soon. Greetings tuned ..."

Clara Borja Hinojosa
Director ejecutive the MEXICAN CULTURAL CENTER, Dallas, Texas, USA

"... Dear Iouri, Sava, Leonardo and Ramon, Time has passed quickly without forgetting the magnificence of his music and everything that was intense and pleasant contact that we had during your stay in Stuttgart. I hope you enjoyed it equally as us ..."

Thomas Sautter
Mexikanisch-Deutscher Freundschaftsverein in BW and V. Stuttgart, Germany
The "Aires de México" /Ensamble Clásico/ String Quartet was formed in January 1991 in Guadalajara, México. Its aim was to perform and promote the vast classical string quartet repertoire as well as interpreting a great variety of Mexican music. The quartet quickly rose to prominence and is now considered Jalisco's finest chamber music ensemble.

The Quartet's members, who come from México, the Ukraine, and Romania, make the city of Guadalajara their current musical home. Their diverse origins bring an exciting and unique mix of musical and cultural backgrounds to the group.

The "Aires de México" /Ensamble Clásico/ String Quartet has become an important voice on the Jalisco cultural scene.

cuarteto1.jpg (59174 bytes)

Its members:

* Leonard Núbert - Violín

* Sava Latsánich - Violín

* Iurii Kasian - Viola

* Ramón Becerra - Cello

With a repertoire which draws from the traditional classics, contemporary music, new Mexican compositions and popular genres as well, "Aires de México" /Ensamble Clásico/ breaks barriers between old and new, classical and popular.

Selections of Mexican popular music in classical style form an important part of the Quartet’s repertoire. These are special arrangements for string quartet by the group’s own musicians.

boletos.jpg (41760 bytes)

Since its beginnings, the Quartet has brought dozens of concerts to Jalisco’s finest music halls, and has been heard in the most important concert venues in various Mexican States:

  • Aguascalientes
  • Baja California Norte
  • Baja California Sur
  • Guanajuato
  • Colima
  • Durango
  • Nayarit
  • Sinaloa
  • Sonora

Concerts have also been presented in:

  • The United States (Dallas, Los Angeles, Albuquerque)
  • Germany (Stuttgart, Munich)
  • Italy (Mantua, Milan)
  • England (London)

Concerts showcase